Vedic Pack System
Vedic Pac Systems Industries
Bakery Plants


Vedic Pac tries to deliver end-to-end solutions to the bakery segment, starting from automation in raw material handling/ingredient automation, batter depositors, wafer plants, chocolate enrobing machines, cookie manufacturing machines (cappers), biscuit manufacturing machines and bakery plants, chocolate decorating systems for value addition along with metal inspection systems.
Sugar Confectionery Plants


Names like Chocotech, GEA Aquarius, Sollich and WDS are our long standing partners. Vedic has installations with most confectionery companies in India. Again, Vedic can supply end-to-end solutions to the confectionery industry, starting from automatic batching units, premium quality batch and continuous cookers for all types of sugar masses, forming and moulding plants, continuous bar lines, depositors, Mogul lines, extruders/rolling and scoring lines for gum based products, etc.
Chocolate Moulding Plants


A one-stop solution for the chocolate industry, starting from cocoa processing, grinding, refining, conching, tempering, chocolate enrobing, moulding, etc.


Emulsifiers/high pressure homogenizers/high shear mixers and other wide range of solutions for the cosmetic and toothpaste industry.

Powder handling plants for paints, toothpaste and cosmetic industries.

Pharma Industry


State-of-the-art solutions for ingredient automation/vacuum conveying systems, complete plant for soft gel encapsulation, pharmaceutical powder mixing solutions, homogenizers, mixers and metal inspection systems.
Food Industries


Solutions for spice processing, masala plants, and equipment for ready-to-eat foods, baby foods, potato chips, sauces, pastes, extruded snacks, etc.
Allied Industries


Apart from the chocolate, food and pharma industries, Vedic Pac also extends its scope of services in providing high quality solutions to the chemical industry for storing, discharging, screening, sifting, sieving, conveying, dosing, weighing of powder components, mixing, additives etc.

Our equipment is used in industries like paint, plastic, chemicals, pesticides, etc.