Vedic Pack System

Ranbaxy 2

The AZO cyclone screener is like a cult machine, with constant advances in machine design and features. Our principals started with the 'E' type machine, followed by the 'DA' version with self dosing arrangement, and the newly introduced 'DA VARIO'. This year, AZO crossed a special milestone with the introduction of the 'DA (CIP+SIP)' version.

And the first company to get this special unit is none other than Dai-Ichi Sankyo Ranbaxy, for their Dewas facility. The person who had the foresight to opt for this system is Mr. Arun Gupta (GM - Manufacturing) of Ranbaxy. He was ably supported by his team consisting of Mr. Kiran Kotasthane, Mr. Ajay Mishra & Mr. Shrikant Kolhe.

Given the mandate, AZO design engineers immediately set about the task of conceptualizing the machine. Mr. Willi Weidmann (Technical Director - Vital/Pharma Department) worked closely with Mr. Torsten Trautmann (Screener Specialist) to come up with a design that ensures (a) 100% screening efficiency (b) minimal product hold-up, less than 1% (c) ease of validation and (d) thorough cleaning cycle. AZO also conducted the Riboflavin test to check the CIP+SIP function, and the results were outstanding.

The entire project was coordinated by Mr. Karlheinz Kroner (Area Sales Manager) and supported by Mr. Steffen Throm. They interacted closely with Mr. Gupta and his team.

The added advantage to Ranbaxy was that Vedic had a fully qualified engineer, Mr. Amol Ardak, to supervise the installation and commissioning of the DA (CIP+SIP) machine.

Please see pictures of the new atom bomb!