Vedic Pack System

Leamak Healthcare is a leading contract manufacturer for confectionery products. They have been consistently producing quality candies to Boots (Strepsils) and ITC (Candyman).
To cater to a growing demand and impart greater degree of automation, Leamak chose Kloeckner Haensel Processing GmbH as their equipment partner.
Kloeckner engineers were in Ahmedabad recently to commission the renowned Sucroliner. At the heart of the installation is the Rotamat 3611 thin film rotocooker, capable of handling the most difficult recipes, even with milk proteins as high as 20%. The patented extraction and mixing screws of the Sucoma would allow Leamak to process Isomalt at 150 C (or lower).
The Sucroliner ensures low manpower requirement - one person can manage the entire processing line. This also gives a uniform product of the highest quality with minimum scrap.
Also, the Rotamat allows you a great deal of flexibility, to manufacture the following products.

  • Eclairs
  • Fruit flavoured hard candy
  • Milk based hard candy such as Butterscotch and Lacto King
  • Aerated Products
  • Laminated Products
  • Lozenges or medicated candies
  • Specials

Some pictures of the installation are attached.

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Caramel Plants Begining of tempering belt
Chewy Candy Plants Guido Kerl, M V Kumar,
Tushar Patel, Bimal Patel
Chewing Gum Plant Guido Kerl making
fine adjustments
Caramel Plants Guido Kerl of Kloeckner
Chewy Candy Plants Hitesh Patel of Leamak
Chewing Gum Plant Key personnel
Caramel Plants Mr M V Kumar and Guido
Kerl with sugar free products
Chewy Candy Plants Rotamat 3611
Chewing Gum Plant Rotamat with
working platform
Caramel Plants Sucroliner
Chewy Candy Plants Uniform Continuous