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Masala plantsGrand Opening ceremony of New Factory of Everest Masala
Venue : Everest Masala, New Factory Building, LBS Road, Vikhroli West, Mumbai.
Date : July 31, 2011.

This was really a proud moment for Everest Spices, AZO GmbH and Vedic Pac-Systems Pvt. Ltd., since our dream came to a reality on July 31, 2011 with dedicated efforts of Vedic Team, AZO team and Everest Masala team to have fully automated facility for spices in India. This is first ever project in India where complete spices plant is fully automated.

The ribbon cutting function for this facility was done by Honorable Pujya Shri Himmat Bapu (Jagjivan Bapu Sevashram - Simmar) in presence of Shri Vadibhai Shah ( Founder of Everest Masala ) and his Family, many Political Leaders and all Business Associates of Everest Spices.

AZO GmbH has supplied completely automated facility to make various spice blends using about 24 key ingredients. The complete facility was designed to have minimal manual handling of spices.

AZO's scope was to pickup ground spices and fill 24 different storage silos. The filling of silos is done by pressure conveying system which is completely closed loop and dust free.

From Silos material is conveyed to four different Weigh scales where all ingredients are weighed as per recipe at accuracy of +/- 0.5 % of batch size. Now Everest Masala team can store 200 different recipes and this remains a secret (these recipes are not accessible to anybody except the designated persons).

Any recipe preparation is just click away. Everest Production Team has to enter number of recipe and type of recipe on the specially designed AZO's Visualization system and the blend is ready to pack within 15 minutes.

The visualization system from AZO gives complete data about operation of system, number of ingredients, real value storage and consumption data for all ingredients.

This is the biggest automated spice plant in Asia where all ingredients are handled pneumatically, in completely closed loop and dust free operations.

The biggest challenge for this facility was humidity level in Mumbai which was too high for any type of pneumatic conveying system. AZO has designed special system using their 60 years of experience and it is working perfectly.

Please find attached few photographs of AZO system for your reference.

Pneumatic Conveying System
Vacuum Conveying System
Masala plants
Pneumatic Conveying System
Vacuum Conveying System
Masala plants