Vedic Pack System
DSM: whet your appetite - wet cake conveying

Imagine a pneumatic system that can transfer wet powder, with moisture content of 25%.

Imagine a system that efficiently transfers difficult flowing products from dryers to various processes.

Imagine an automation system that puts minimum stress on the product.

If you can imagine all this, only one name would strike you - AZO.

DSM had the imagination to automate their complete plant, under "Project Lotus". The team, led by Mr. Kess de Glopper and Rajesh Salwan, consisted of Rajveer Singh, Rakesh Tyagi, Shiv Jagota, Subodh Shah, Takshay Agarwal and Rajkumar Batolia. AZO sent an experienced and senior process expert, Mark Florian, for commissioning. He was supported by Buelent Akguel of AZO, Deepak Joshi and Amol Ardak from Vedic Systems.

Some pictures from the installation are shown below.

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Pneumatic Conveying System Chandrajit, Florian, Shiv, Amol, Ardak,
Buelent Kguel, Rajveer Choudhary
Sifters Container Unloading Station
Sieving Florian Mark, Subodh Shah, Shiv Jagota,
Deepak Joshi, Chandrajit Singh, Jaswinder
Pneumatic Conveying System Indoor Silos with built in recievers
Sifters Installation of dositainer in progress
Sieving Screening and feeding of blenders
Pneumatic Conveying System Subodh, Florian, Shiv, Amol, Buelent, Rajveer