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Metal Inspection Systems

Cadbury has been associated with high quality and consistency for decades. The favoured chocolate brand across the country, Cadbury makes every effort to adhere to the most stringent quality control norms, ensuring that their customers get the most deliciously consistent chocolate each and every time.

As part of their global quality control procedure, Cadbury has installed Metal Detection Systems on each line, to ensure that every product being packed was safe, and free from stainless steel, copper, or any other kind of metal.

The Requirement

Their wide range of products included :
Metal Detectors for Pharma

These gave need to test a varied range of textures, sizes and shapes of the products. Further, some products were to be checked in unpacked form, while others were wrapped or sealed in pouches. Cadbury has plants spread across the country, namely in Malanpur, Thane, Induri, Phaltan, Hyderabad and Baddi.

Metal Detectors for Pharma

Metal Detectors for Food

The Solution

To find the best solution for their requirements, Cadbury (India) analyzed the following criteria:

  • Sensitivity
  • Reliability
  • User friendliness
  • Additional Features
  • After Sales Service
Metal Detectors for Food After testing several detectors, local and imported, Cadbury decided to go with LOCK, as they found LOCK met all the above criteria.

Initially Cadbury (India) were using LOCK Met 9 analog detectors. In an effort to consistently improve their level of safety and metal detection, Cadbury (India) began to upgrade their machines to the new LOCK digital Met 30+ detectors.

LOCK's constant research and development, which makes them leaders in Metal Detection, allowed Cadbury to use enhanced performance on the new detectors manufactured to cGMP standards, with features such as

  • high level of sensitivity
  • auto-product set up
  • varied security settings
  • easy linking to pc/printer for report generation
  • networking capability

This also removed the requirement for frequent calibration, as in the case with the Met 9 analogue detectors.

After Sales Service

  • Vedic Systems is proud to be associated with Cadbury for many years, working together with them to enhance their systems step by step.
  • Our frequent discussions with Mr. Biren Sampat, and LOCK, have been fruitful in recommending the optimal solution of every new requirement. (Mr. Suresh Acharya - Assistant Manager).
  • Not only does LOCK give an indicated sensitivity for the particular product to be checked, they also extend their support by actually testing the product on their systems in UK, and give us an assured sensitivity which can be consistently achieved for the product. (Mr. Dam - Manager - Projects)
  • LOCK and Cadbury have enjoyed a special relationship for many years. Cadbury (India) is pleased to be a preferred customer of LOCK. (Mr. Dam - Manager - Projects )
  • Mr. Biren Sampat, Mr. Deepak Joshi and Mr. Bharat Sundaram support us with every step in the installation of the new machine. They spend as much time as is needed to give in-depth training to the personnel who will be using the machine, and answer questions they have.
Metal Detectors for Pharma Mr. Amarnath Gupta, Manager Development & Projects

LOCK Metal Detectors offer optimal sensitivities, are extremely reliable and the latest sate-of-the-art Met 30+ Metal Detectors are very user friendly. We are also very happy with the prompt service provided by Vedic personnel. (Mr. Amarnath Gupta - Manager Development & Projects)

Metal Inspection Systems Mr. N. Balamurugan, Manager Projects

LOCK systems enforce regular testing of detection and sensitivity. LOCK detectors are installed at CCP (Critical Control Points). Whenever we find that the correct sensitivity is not being achieved, or detection is not happening, we stop production immediately. Based on the training imparted, our operators and supervisors try to locate the fault. If they are unable to do so, they get in touch with the service engineers at Vedic. The round-the-clock support we have received from the engineers allow us to keep downtime at the minimum, and find solutions to resolve any kind of technical problems we face.

Metal Detectors for Food Mr. Jyoti Trivedi Quality Manager

We are very happy that Vedic personnel have visited our plants repeatedly whenever required. They are available within a short period of 24 hours to meet any emergency at any of our factories spread all over India. Based on the close and long term relationship between Vedic Systems and Cadbury (India), we have given them the contract for annual calibration of all our LOCK Detectors.

Vedic Systems thanks Cadbury (India) for their ongoing support and commitment. We are pleased to provide them with timely support to ensure that the multiple LOCK detectors at the various plants of Cadbury (India) and their affiliates across the country, provide Cadbury with the best consistent metal detection for all their products.