Vedic Pack System
AMIXON mixer

Balaji - named after Lord Hanuman - signifies strength, durability and solidity - all traits of an AZO system. Little wonder then, that Balaji Wafers chose AZO as their preferred partner for Ingredient Automation requirements.

AZO/AMIXON has recently supplied 3 systems to Balaji for:

(1) Handling, mixing and filling of all ingredients that go into their seasonings. This is a system that feeds, breaks lumps, screens and charges the mixer. The mixer itself is from AZO's partner company - AMIXON. After the short mixing cycle, the product is filled into 25 kgs drums/sacks, again using an AZO filling system, known for its accuracy, speed and containment.

(2) The AMIXON mixer is renowned for these applications, with extremely homogeneous mixing, at short cycle times. Though the mixing cycle time is very short (about 4 minutes), the tip speed for the mixing tool is low, and this puts minimal stress on the product itself. The mixer also ensures that no lumps are formed during the process

(3) The second system from AZO starts with a 3 Feed Hoppers, conveying, weighing/batching and charging of existing mixer with 3 ingredients (besan/gram flour, rice flour and corn flour).

Electrical controls, installation and commissioning were done by the Vedic team with guidance from AZO. Please see photos of all 3 installations.