Vedic Pack System
Soft Gel Encapsulation

Soft-gel Capsule Manufacturing Machine  Soft-gel Encapsulation Soft Gelatin capsules are finding greater acceptability in the global healthcare, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical sectors. This trend is likely to gain popularity in India as well. Aware of this growing preference, Bochang has been consistently developing the finest precision soft gelatin encapsulators for high productivity. Our principals have 25 years of dedicated experience in softgel encapsulation.

Complete know how and technology for production of veg capsules

  • High production speeds (almost 4 times faster than local machines).
  • Die-rolls have a special design for superior sealing
  • Sealing point requires thinner film, which means less gelatin is used in the production process
  • Cylindrical length of die-roll is longer (with more cavities) for high capacity.
  • Cavities on the die-roll are closely packed. This results in very little gelatin being wasted in the residue net.
  • Very less oil consumption (125 ml/hour).
  • Silent operation
  • Over 200 sophisticated machines (BCM-GB6) sold across the globe.
  • Extremely focused operations.
  • Dedicated engineers with worldwide experience to cater to any market.

Only outside manufacturer whose die-rolls have been accepted and used by the leader in softgel capsule production - R P Sherer. Robinson Pharma USA has around 22 lines from Bochang working 24x7. In India Ranbaxy (4 lines), Zydus Cadila (2 lines), Olive Healthcare (2 lines) and Mankind are some of our reputed customers.

Bochang's manufacturing program covers the complete range of equipment for production of soft gelatin capsules (starting from melting tanks to blister packing of the finished product). Our principals supply medicine and gelatin service tanks with vibrating sieve, polishing machines, softgel pulverizers, automatic sorting machines, softgel tumble Dryers, colloid mills and capsule drying trays. These ancillary machines perfectly compliment the core offering from Bochang of sophisticated softgel encapsulation machines like the popular selling workhorse model BCM-GB6 (10" Die Roll), BCM-GB7 (12" Die Roll), BCM-GB9 (fully automatic) and a very high speed model BCM-GB8.

Besides, our principals also have compact Models like BCM-R&D, BCM-GB3 and BCM-GB5 for smaller capacities.

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