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Pre Screening Technology Pre Screening
Inline Screening Technology Inline Screening
Cyclone Screening Technology Cyclon Screening
Based on the application, the size of the screener varies. The material of construction can be epoxy-coated standard steel, ground stainless steel (304, 316, 404, etc.), or type 650 to meet the highest USDA standard. The screens are made of nylon, anti-static carbon, wire mesh, or perforated stainless steel sheets. A large range of sizes is available for each screener type. AZO screeners can also handle certain types of liquids.

Common Applications

Control Screening Ensures no contamination happens before or during the production process, or prior to filling.
Breaking Large Lumps Gentle breaking ensures there is no loss of product for bagged products of bulk materials.
Loosening The food industry frequently uses screeners to pre-condition and aerate raw materials. e.g. before dough-kneader to loosen and aerate the flour, thereby increasing the yield.
Screening and Recovery of Fines For example, after the granulating process in the pharmaceutical industry.
Recovery of Epoxy Powder Foreign particles are screened out, used in powder coating plants.
Fractionating Segregates powder bulk material according to grain sizes into different fractions.

AZO Cyclone Screener

AZO Cyclone Screener

AZO Cyclone Screener

The Cyclone screening technique - a milestone in screening technology
AZO created a new dimension of screening technology with its invention of the cyclone technique. After five decades of constant development enriched with new ideas, AZO cyclone technology is now established throughout the world. Thousands of users employ it to safeguard high standards of production quality

  • Inlet
  • Feed screw
  • Screening chamber
  • Screening mesh
  • Fines discharge
  • Coarse collection
  • Baffle plate

Advantages of DA Screener DA Screener FL Liquid Screener
DA Screener

The DA type Cyclone Screener has a twin motor drive. The feed screw is driven by a constant speed drive and the flow blades by a variable speed drive.This provides the flexibility to vary the operational throughput by varying the speed of the metering screw. The speed is also varied based on the characteristics of the particular material being screened, thereby increasing screening efficiency.

  • Low construction height.
  • No extra dosing device required.
  • Completely extractable without tools.
  • Easy and fast inspection of screen basket.
  • Easy change of the screen as well as the product.
  • Drive with dosing screw demountable by snap locks (easy removal of the dosing screw).
  • Drive with screen can be extracted and swiveled (easy access).

A variety of stainless steel versions and different finishes to meet the need of all applications, including in the pharmaceutical

FL Liquid Screener
FL Liquid Screener The FL Liquid Screener from AZO separates solids from liquids. The Liquid Screener continually removes agglomerates that occur when powders are stirred into liquids. The Liquid Screener can be used in several applications such as to separate cheese dust from whey, fruit pulp from juices and primary treatment of wastewater etc. The FL can achieve an operational throughput of up to 10,500 gallons per hour, depending on motor speed and mesh grade. The screens are self-cleaning and can be changed without tools.

Why AZO screeners are the best?

  • High Output of the closed system with no vibrations.
  • Sturdy construction with dust-free operation.
  • Decades of experience with advanced technology.
  • Quickly integrated into existing plants.
  • Automatic discharge of coarse product.
  • Dismantling the unit can be done by a single person without the use of any tools.
  • Special design of the sieve facilitates self cleaning.
  • Silent operation enhances working conditions.
  • Revolutionary design of rotor ensures maximum efficiency.
  • Easy handling and simple maintenance.

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