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The SUCRO TWIST cooker is a revolutionary new development from the leaders in the confectionery industry - CHOCOTECH Processing GmbH. This radical cooking system can be used for pre- and final cooking of sugar-water-glucose slurry upto a capacity of 5000 kg/h . The vertical shell and tube type heat exchanger arrangement is a perfect space saving substitute for all conventional cooking systems. Steam passes through 100+ steel tubes in one direction, while the product passes with high turbulent cross flow in the other direction. This ensures excellent heat transfer within a very short resident time and a real "FIRST in FIRST out".

Advantages compared to conventional cooking systems

Space Saving Installation - extremely compact design allows the SUCRO TWIST to be placed in the immediate vicinity of the evaporation chamber.

Stable cooking temperature and uniform product outlet in the evaporation area is vital for high product quality. SUCRO TWIST maintains these parameters for almost zero inversion.

Short resident time (less than 2 minutes) takes special care of the product in process. Since the SUCRO TWIST has multiple steel tubes, instead of the traditional coils, there is no burning of the product.

Optimum start-up and stopping behavior - short reaction times.

It can be used for pre-cooking in conjunction with a SUCROFILM (thin film Teflon rotocooker for milk based recipes) to boost final capacities by 35% for sugar-water-glucose recipes

SUCRO TWIST can be designed in various sizes depending upon customer's requirement. For final cooking, capacity can go upto 5,000 kg/h.

Though it was introduced during the Interpack 2005, many systems have already been installed and commissioned in the US and UK.

Perfect cooking system to make high quality deposited products.

Initial investment is almost the same as the traditional coil cooker!

ChocotechSupplies production lines and complete systems to the confectionery industry worldwide. CHOCOTECH GmbH belongs to one of the largest Food Company in Germany, but continues to maintain it's own unique identity - that of being a specialized confectionery equipment manufacturer. Customer service is guaranteed by subsidiaries and sales agencies around the globe.

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