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Chocotech Princess Candy

The versatile lab cooker from Chocotech GmbH for pressure dissolving and vacuum cooking will be displayed at the FoodTec 2010 show in Mumbai.

Princess Candy Dimensions
Princess Candy Flow Sheet

This is a lab model that can be used for cooking both in under- and over-pressure. It can be used for development and pilot production for a range of products such as:

  • Hard candy
  • Sugar free products/medicated candies/lozenges
  • Fruit toffee/chewy toffee
  • Jellies (cooking under & over pressure)
  • Starch based jellies
  • Fondants/fondant cream
  • Caramels and Toffees

... and many more confectionery products.

Features of the Princess Candy:
  • Entirely designed in Stainless Steel, with totally enclosed cooking chamber and separate vacuum chamber.
  • Two-armed anchor type agitator with teflon scrapers.
  • Vacuum installation and cooking under 5 bar in the chamber.
  • PLC controlled process for cooking, vacuuming and re-vacuuming. Digital displays for all important data.

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