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Cocoa Processing
Cocoa Processing
Chocotech Cocoa Processing Machine
Chocotech Cocoa Processing Machine
Cocoa Processing
 Cocoa Processing

Machinery – Equipment – Service for the confectionery and food industry.

About Us
  • Realisation of Your Ideas, Design and Production – One-Stop Fulfilment.
  • BSA Schneider Anlagentechnik GmbH was founded in Aachen in 1990.
  • BSA is engaged in development, design and production of plants and machinery for the chocolate, cocoa and sweets industry. All our customers are well known as chocolate processing companies.
BSA’s wide scope of supply will convince you! Product Range
  • Stirrer: Storing of liquid cocoa, chocolate and filling masses.
  • Capacity: 500 to 1,00,000 kg.
  • Block Melting Stations: Melting of cocoa, chocolate and fat masses in blocks.
  • Capacity: 250 to 3,000 kg/h.
  • Mixer: Mixing & kneading of pasty masses.
  • Capacity: 100 to 4,000 kg.
  • Mixer & Conveyor Belt Systems: Transportation of Chocolate mass & powder.
  • Pre-refiners: Pre comminution of pasty chocolate masses.
  • Capacity: ,000 to 7,000 kg/h.
  • Intensive Dry Conches: Conching of chocolate masses.
  • Capacity:1,000 to 18,000 kg.
  • Lab dry conche: Conching of chocolate masses.
  • Capacity: 50 to 200 kg.
  • Gear Pumps: Transportation of liquid cocoa, chocolate and filling masses & liquid fats.
  • Capacity: 50 to 30,000 kg/h.
  • Special Equipments
  • Total Equipments

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