Vedic Pack System
Caramel/Eclair Plants
Caramel Éclair Plants
  • Universal Continuous Rotor Cooking System.
  • Excellent heat transfer characteristics, with very low resident time (6~7 seconds).
  • Static zero-clearance teflon scrapers, without moving parts.
  • Scrapers, made of special plastic, do not touch the surface. This means that there is no teflon contamination of the sugar-mass. Also, this ensures a very long operational life.
  • Cooking under permanent vacuum or under pressure or still under atmospheric conditions.
  • Special screw outlet for vacuum chamber of the Sucromaster. Ensures constant level of sugar-foam for uniform product. There is no shearing of sugar-mass, thus avoiding inversion.
  • Constant heat for maintaining uniform viscosity of the sugar-mass in the entire line.
  • Vacuum and closed conditions, to prevent loss of expensive color and flavor additives into environment.
  • High sugar:glucose ratio of 60:40. Cutting edge technology will improve this further.
  • Modular design allows more than two rotor cooking units to be linked to one vacuum chamber. This allows greater flexibility and higher capacity.
  • Over 100 lines sold across the globe. Many operating in India and the Far East (under similar conditions). Easy maintenance.
  • Make hard and soft candy, toffee, Jelly, Caramel, medicated candies.
  • World famous products are made on this system (vollmilch, cream-savers) Versatility - The processing line can be suitably modified, at a later stage with minimal costs, to add a Jellymaster, and aeration equipment.
  • Parentage - Supported by the SOLLICH Group, CHOCOTECH functions as an independent unit with focused operations. It brings over 75 years of experience and continued research to deliver cutting-edge technology to your doorstep.

Vedic Pac - Systems has a formidable reputation in India. This has been achieved by a sound understanding of local conditions, and dedicated support to Indian customers.

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