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Bar Lines

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Cereal Bar Lines

Over the last twenty years, SOLLICH CONBAR lines have established themselves as world leaders for cereal and candy bar production. Progressive technology, reliability, ease of operation, versatility, extensive worldwide experience, and know-how make this line unique. Mixing, forming, cooling, longitudinal slitting, vertical cutting, pre-bottoming, intermediate cooling, chocolate coating, chocolate cooling and take-off systems provide you with the complete solution. The versatility and high standard of performance of this line makes it unique. A wide variety of bars can be made on the CONBAR line, giving you the freedom to change your product whenever you want to.

The Steps
1)Mixing   2)Forming   3)Cooling   4)Cutting   5)Enrobing
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Caramel fudge mixed with nuts, raisins, cereals, etc., are often formed to single or double layer bars. The volumetric dosing of nuts etc. and the mixing of the caramel/fudge plus inclusions is done here.


For cooling and forming of thin layers of 2.0 to 5.0 mm caramel, fudge or agar jelly, the WET type Slab Former is used. Nuts, cereals, coconut shreds, etc., can be added to the caramel slab if needed.

For low-boiled and aerated sugar masses, with or without the inclusion of nuts, fruits, crisped rice, etc., for high-boiled sugar materials like toffee, crocant, brittle and for all cereal bars with a sugar or fat binder, the WEB type Slab Former is used.

Efficient cooling tunnels are designed for optimal cooling based on the product composition, throughput speeds, etc. Various methods including air cooling or water cooling or both are used for this purpose.

Continuous Bar Lines The formed and cooled slab is first cut into ropes by the Longitudinal slitter, giving the desired width to the slab. Then, after vertical and horizontal spreading, it goes through the Guillotine cutter, which gives the bar the desired length.

Sollich also offers the unique option of using a Rope Former, which allows for direct rope forming using a forming comb attached to the slab former.

Chocolate Enrobing
If the bar needs to be coated or enrobed with chocolate it goes through a pre-enrober or pre-bottomer first, which provides a coat of chocolate at the base of the bar. It then goes through the Enromat, where it is enrobed with chocolate and passed through the cooling tunnel onto the take off system. The bars are now ready to be packed.

The CONBAR line is perfectly suited for the production of single and double layer bars of caramel, cereals, etc. A specially designed CONTIMIXER, a WEB Slab former for pre-forming the cereal slab, and the post-size roller are parts of this special line. More than 50 plants world-wide are using this line.

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